Mystery Movie Theater No. 19 Where Are You and Who Are You?

marq1.gifThis writer is a bit of old-movie theater buff. She tries to spot the old nickledeons turned turned into thrift stores. They’re a quarter a dozen once you know what key architectural elements to look for. So she was more than thrilled to find the Theatre Historica Society of America’s Mystery Theater page. The webmaster regularly uploads pictures of theaters long gone, but still fascinating to anyone who’s sick of the chain of cinemas that now litter our landscape. This writer likes the ceiling of Mystery Theater No. 19, but she’s not sure she would enjoy sitting in those hard wood seats even if she had a complimentary ticket to see a remastered edition of Doctor Zhivago. But if this site is a little depressing (and it can be to think about how an incredibly boring shopping mall replaced a truly glorious movie theater on your block), check out this uplifting website: Saving the Ramova. Folks here are attempting to save an Art Deco gem in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood. We’re confident that they will not only keep the wrecking ball at bay, but the restored Ramova will become a major attraction.