Mystery Epic on Facebook: Regain your memory one hidden object scene at a time

Image via 6waves

6waves has released its newest game on Facebook: Mystery Epic. The hidden object game challenges players to solve the mystery surrounding their own identity, as they begin the game with amnesia and must search for clues to fill in the blanks of what has happened to them.

Players complete quests which introduce them to new characters, each with their own personalities and roles to play in the player’s main story. Quests are completed by finding objects in an expanding selection of hidden object scenes, including both interior and exterior locations.

Each character has its own personal set of scenes, which must be completed multiple times to complete story and side quests, but can also be completed voluntarily to earn more mastery stars.

Image via 6waves

The game offers a basic hint, which recharges over time, but power-ups can help players find items instantly, can cause the cursor to “heat up” when near a hidden object, or can give players more time to complete scenes when they’re working on time-specific quests, as examples.

Players earn free power-ups from their friends everyday, encouraging them to invite friends to join Mystery Epic even if only to earn more free daily prizes.

Scenes require energy to complete, but if they’d rather not wait for it to recharge naturally, players can also purchase energy with premium currency / real money. Power-ups can also be purchased with cash, while some are available for coins, which are earned for free by simply playing the game.

Mystery Epic is now available to play for free on Facebook. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.