MySpace’s New Facebook Connection Starts to Grow

Following an initial integration with Facebook at the end of August, where MySpace let users share status updates and other information to Facebook but not the other way around, it introduced a way to share Facebook profile data back to the site in order to build out users’ interests.

That effort is starting to pay off at least a little bit, as our AppData measurement service shows MySpace gaining more Facebook users.

The app had been coasting down to under 500,000 monthly active users by the middle of the month. Then, it started rising when MySpace began apparently testing the new product with users, and started going up more steeply when the feature went live on the 28th — today it’s up to 761,000. That’s not much compared to big new social games on Facebook, but it’s a good sign for MySpace and its “social entertainment” strategy, considering that most third party web measurement show the company continuing to lose users.

And for those wondering about the relatively flat daily active user numbers, the news isn’t necessarily bad for MySpace there, either. DAU counts were down to around 65,000 at the middle of the month, and have since risen up to slightly above 80,000. This likely shows that Facebook status update integration has a small but reliable user group — and a steady line of new people doing the new one-off sync with Facebook to port their data over.

With the new integration, the results wouldn’t show up as Facebook traffic. The News Corp. company is using the Facebook data to friend profiles of celebrities and other figures who a user has already Liked on Facebook. Then it is using that information to share a constant stream of updates from those people into users’ news feeds. This in turn could get more users coming back to MySpace to engage with the musicians, actors, and the demi-celebrities who helped make the site a hit with users over the past decade.

While the traffic numbers are still low, growth is in the right direction. The real test will be how MySpace is able to use the new relationships in order to increase engagement. If third parties start showing the site going back to gaining users, Facebook could be one reason why.

Other social networks, and anyone looking to boost their own social integrations, should be watching to see what they can learn from MySpace’s efforts.