MySpace Upgrades Their Messaging, How About Facebook?

Yesterday, news surfaced that Myspace and Skype are partnering on a voice function for the MySpace IM client. Basing a messaging client on a social network is a powerful concept. Just last week, FriendVox launched a messaging client for Facebook. For me, the real question is when is Facebook going to launch their own IM client as well as upgrade their messaging system?

There are a number of other Facebook IM clients that have launched, a number of which I have previously covered. If Facebook plans on truly becoming a $15 billion company (something that many are highly skeptical of), they are going to need to improve their messaging system. I have spoken with a number of individuals who are having serious problems managing their inbox. This is particularly the case for application developers that have popular applications or those that are social connectors.

The bottom line is that Facebook is going to be forced to release a more effective messaging system soon. The best time for Facebook to release a new messaging client would be prior to the rumored November 5th launch of the Google platform (or at least prior to phase 2 of the Google platform during which Gmail will be integrated). Are you having similar issues with Facebook’s messaging system?