MySpace Updates Their Karaoke Site With Video

Back in April I posted about the launch of MySpace Karaoke. Today, the company has announced a redesigned version of the product which includes the addition of video. The video is also available for HD support. This is a pretty substantial upgrade that I’m guessing will increase traffic to their general karaoke product.

One other awesome feature is the ability to embed the karaoke videos that have been recorded! I’ve embedded one of the more popular recordings below. One of the downfalls of the application is that you can’t record from Macs. It’s interesting that nobody has launched a full scale application similar to this on Facebook. I think something along these lines would be extremely successful on Facebook.

I’m interested to see how this impacts MySpace’s traffic in the long run. This service is definitely entertaining and with video combined into the service I could see a lot of people using this. Considering that Fox Interactive owns MySpace it will be interesting to see if there is eventually some sort of integration into American Idol.

If you want to sing along with the other users of MySpace, go check out MySpace Karaoke.