MySpace Tries To Incentivize Developers With $50,000

Yesterday MySpace announced the launch of the “myspace Developer Challenge”, a program which awards developers with $50,000, evenly distributed among 5 categories, in an attempt to build more buzz about the company’s expanding API set. As the developer challenge page explains, developers can submit a MySpace application, or integrate with the company’s Real-Time Stream API, Open Search API, Photo Upload API, or integrate with the MySpace for iPhone application.

This competition should raise the awareness of MySpace’s wide set of APIs. Interestingly enough, MySpace has apparently beat Facebook to the punch in launching a search API and iPhone application API, something which MySpace COO Mike Jones highlighted in a presentation at the Le Web conference in Paris last month. What’s most interesting about the ongoing APIs is that they are direct competitors to Facebook, something which the company’s CEO, Owen Van Natta, was trying to stray away from.

All submissions will be judged by Mike Jones (MySpace COO), Google’s engineering director David Glazer, Ron Conway, and Robert Scoble. Winners will be announced at the Game Developers Conference in March this year, which may be somewhat of a signal about the types of applications the company is looking for. Applications will be judged based on four components: “entertainment, value & appeal”, “originality”, “innovation”, and “technical achievement”.

If you are interested in participating in the contest, you can head over to the MySpace developer challenge submission form.