Do We Need a MySpace Toolbar?

There’s a lot of connectedness going on lately. And MySpace is looking to stay at the forefront of it all. After announcing MySpaceID along with a new partnership with browser Flock and authentication service, it’s pretty clear that MySpace wants to make its features as easily accessible as possible. Today, the new MySpace toolbar continues these efforts, with a browser add-on that gives you omnipresent access to your MySpace account and quick links to various features.

Aside from the auto-login, the MySpace toolbar sends you alerts for new comments, messages and friend requests. You’ll also have quick links for your profile and messages, as well as the main MySpace sections for music and MySpace TV. And let’s not forget the MySpace search bar, which is powered by Google. The good thing about the MySpace toolbar is that it allows MySpace to cast a wider distribution net for its “always present” initiative, given its recent partnership with the Flock browser.

And even though Flock already enabled browser-based alerts and activity relating to your MySpace account (among other social networking accounts), MySpace is surely looking for a more direct way of getting users to return to their profiles throughout an Internet session. So far the MySpace toolbar doesn’t have an option for Mac users, but MySpace has stated that the Mac version will be released in the near future. Get the current version of the toolbar here.

So do you think that a MySpace toolbar helps MySpace encourage web activity around its service, or is this a moot release in the grand scheme of things?