MySpace to Sell Live Music Videos

The New York Times’ Brian Stelter reports that MySpace, the social networking site where people “create home pages and embellish them as they would a dormitory room,” is now positioning itself as a top destination for buying exclusive musical performances.

He said that with their new Transmissions program, MySpace is inviting musicians to choose a studio and select the songs they want to perform. Meanwhile, MySpace will show and sell videos of the performance.

“It could be perceived as an Internet variation of the popular series MTV Unplugged, but with a revenue stream built in,” Stelter wrote. “When musicians participate in the MTV series, their work is sometimes released as albums months or years later. On MySpace, the work will be available immediately.”

MySpace is still the ranking champion of social networking sites, and it’s easily the most music-focused of its top-tier brethen. It remains to be seen how MySpace will bring this to their mobile offerings.

MySpace to Showcase Music and Sell Performance Videos [MySpace]