Two Days, Two More Myspace Mea Culpas

How would you like to still be working at Myspace? Sure, it’s a paying gig with benefits in a tough economy. But on Friday, you had to listen to Rupert Murdoch call buying the social network a “huge mistake,” and today, if your Google News alerts are oriented a certain way, there in your inbox is former CEO Michael Jones (pictured), nattering about “what went wrong.”

Enough already; we get it. Myspace is to Facebook what Beta was to VHS, if that is VHS had been the superior technological platform. For what it’s worth, Jones shrinks two years of hard-earned wisdom into five bullet-point lessons:

1. Consumers have long brand memories.
2. Utility outlasts entertainment.
3. Perceived momentum = perceived value.
4. Change within large organizations must be centered around drastic actions.
5. Single front door = single point of failure.

After expounding on the above, Jones hints that Netflix might want to learn a thing or two from his and Rupert’s moves, which should make DISH-Blockbuster very happy. Meanwhile, just in case Tom is getting ready to apologize tomorrow for being a bad auto-bot first friend, it’s OK. We forgive him.

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