MySpace Rolls Out Profile 2.0

MySpace is quietly rolling out it’s new Profile 2.0, and thankfully it’s not a “forced” upgrade similar to what Facebook did recently which even earned the ire of many Facebook users. MySpace Profile upgrade facility is silently being tested now over at MySpace Canada. But as what TC’s Arrington tipped, you can have a taste of what the new MySpace Profile can become even if your location is not in Canada.

To preview MySpace Profile 2.0, login to using your MySpace account. You won’t see the link that will allow you to opt for the new layout, you still have to click on your profile edit tab, and watch out for the link that gives you the option to try out MySpace Profile 2.0. Watch out for the white box that says, “Profile 2.0 Alpha.”

And like what it says, the new Profile customization feature is still in alpha mode, so expect to encounter some bug as you try implementing it to your MySpace Profile.

So, what are the new features of MySpace Profile 2.0? It gives you some cool themes and several new layouts to try for your MySpace Profile. Layouts are the various ways that you can present your MySpace contents.

In addition, if you don’t like the preloaded themes and would want to layout your MySpace Profile, you can do so in a semi-manual procedure through the advance edit feature. You can change your Profile’s Background color, content, modules, or for those who know, you can enter your own CSS for your MySpace Profile.

Overall, the new MySpace Profile 2.0 customization feature is a pretty neat functionality and would send some excitement to most MySpace users. The new Profile Customization inteface improves on what the current setting has to offer. The good thing is, once you’re done tinkering with Profile 2.0 and find that your old MySpace Profile page is still best for you, you can always switch back to it.