MySpace Renames Data Availability to MySpace ID

Last night MySpace announced that they would be renaming their Data Availability service to MySpace ID in addition to supporting Google’s Friend Connect. The announcement comes as both Google and Facebook roll out their single sign in services which attempt to help sites by giving them an easy way to integrate communities and with Facebook have access to user feeds.

Aside from announcing that the service has been renamed, there is really little new with this announcement. The company has decided to support Friend Connect, most likely because the Data Availability service has little support. Even Twitter has announced that they would be supporting Facebook Connect before what’s now called MySpace ID.

The battle for user identities and their social graphs is on but the current leaders appear to be Facebook and Google who now has the support of MySpace. For developers, supporting the multiple services now available will prove to be challenging. Facebook for instance has not seen the type of developer enthusiasm seen when they first announced the general Facebook platform.

Right now all this press is most likely confusing consumers more than anything else. While Google has attracted numerous blogs to install their Friend Connect widget, Facebook got a large New York Times article last week which helped build the buzz. Ultimately it will be months before we can determine how successful the service has become but it’s clear MySpace doesn’t want to be discounted as a potential competitor.

We’ll have to wait and see what the statistics end up showing a few weeks and months from now.