MySpace Releases New Developer Tools

Over the past couple days, MySpace has been communicating with developers about a couple of issues. The first issue was the creation of a new tool that enables developers to run Flash files within applications. Rather than hosting the files on their own servers, developers must upload flash files to MySpace’s servers using the form pictured below:

Flash upload form

This new model provides developers with script access while still protecting MySpace from harmful external scripts. Check out the MySpace post for more details. The second announcement made by MySpace is the introduction of an oAuth Tool which assists developers in constructing properly formatted query strings.

The new oAuth tool “allows developers to generate a Base string and a Signature along with request querystring, so that they can compare what a valid request looks like to what they’re own servers are producing for server-to-server RESTful API calls.” I’m sure that this tool will help resolve confusion for many of the developers that were facing challenges with creating proper HTTP requests.

A screen shot of the new tool is displayed below. If you’d like to learn more about the updates, go check out the MySpace developer blogs.

oAuth Tool