MySpace Posts Impressive Election Stats

-MySpace Logo-Today MySpace released statistics that revealed a surge in traffic on election day. One of the most impressive statistics is the number of new voters registered via the site leading up to Election Day. According to MySpace, over 300,000 new voters registered via the site. That dwarfs still impressive statistics posted by Facebook (over 50,000 new voters registered via Facebook).

MySpace had over 300,000 more pageviews over the previous week. Unfortunately we don’t have statistics that reveal the number of users. Less than an hour ago I posted Facebook election statistics which were also impressive. One thing that has become clear is that social networks have become an integral component of the U.S. election process.

As social networks and politics becomes further entwined, politicians are paying significant attention to this space. Additionally, ignoring the space can significantly damage campaigns. People want to communicate about politics and social networks are helping them do that. It will be interesting to watch how the relationship between politics and social networks become more entangled.