MySpace Platform Launches for Developers, It's A Free For All

One of the biggest complaints of both the Bebo and MySpace platforms was that they gave an unfair advantage to early participants. This time around it won’t be the case according to Mashable. Instead, developers are going to have a fair shot at competing against each other. Do you have a widget or application that you think is too good to pass up? Now is your chance. Developers will have to try and learn the platform as fast as possible to get their applications launched on the platform.

As opposed to leveraging FBML or SNML, the new MySpace platform is going to use OpenSocial with MySpace extensions called “Action Scripts.” Not really creative for a development language but this is what will enable developers to access social information such as friends lists and profile data. There also be a REST API that enables applications to interface with third-party websites.

One of the additional feature sets of the platform is detailed privacy features. Applications will only be visible to those that have been approved to see other applications such as photos and profile data. Given the security risks of enabling JavaScript for applications, MySpace has developed a JavaScript sanitizer that prevents malicious code from being approved. I initially suggested that applications would be more like widgets but it appears that there will be application canvas pages that developers can build on.

For developers these new features are great but for users the applications will not be available until March. That means developers will have one month until they get their applications published. This means that on the day that the platform launches there will most likely be hundreds if not thousands of applications immediately available to users.

One other interesting feature to note is that MySpace is launching a new development resource in conjunction with Google called Caja. “Caja’s purpose is to make Javascript safer for use on sites like MySpace, so that developers can create rich, full-featured applications in a way that is secure and trusted for our members.” Developers now have the next month to test out in the sandbox and launch in one month.

I have a feeling that this model is going to be more successful as there will be immediate discussion among a multitude of developers. Conversely, you will also get a lot of novice developers trying to build applications an cluttering the message boards with useless inquiries. Either way, this is a big day for social platform development. If you are a developer you can at least get a good night’s rest knowing that you have one month to build out your apps. Good luck!

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