MySpace Now Lets You Sync Your Status Update With Facebook

How the times have changed…. today, MySpace introduced Sync with Facebook which allows MySpace users to sync their status updates with their Facebook profile. Guess Rupert Murdoch – owner of NewsCorp, parent company of MySpace – doesn’t consider Facebook just “a directory” anymore. This comes as MySpace continues their uphill battle to define a place for themselves in the new social world.

The feature allows MySpace users to not only sync their status update with their Facebook profile, but also lets users update their status to their Page. This can help for bigger artists and celebrities, as they can update all their different pages at once.

This is particularly exciting for the millions of musicians on MySpace who can now use this tool as a complement to their MySpace Music presence and share their vast library of content, including full album catalogs, to people who’ve liked their Facebook Page. This new sync functionality is part of an ongoing effort to make it simple for people to share their updates beyond MySpace and allow fans and friends to interact with that content across the web.

MySpace explains how to sync with Facebook below, and you can test the feature over at MySpace now.

To Sync with Facebook:

· Click on the settings box in the update module on your Home page (to the left of the Share button)

· Check the box next to Facebook or Twitter (or both!)

· Follow the steps prompted to sync your accounts

· Done! Your updates will now automatically sync

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