Myspace Needs to Be Put Out of Its Misery

The LA Times has a story today about Specific Media’s attempts to lauch a Myspace comeback tour–by using part-owner Justin Timerlake’s cache to rebrand the site as a music destination.

Good luck with that.

As it happens, the girlfriend and I were trolling Myspace yesterday, laughing at how several of our exes were still in our “top friends.” We both decided that since our profiles were still public, we should probably fix that. It turns out, that was impossible. The function to change your top friends either doesn’t exist, or is so needlessly convoluted we couldn’t find it. We’re both stuck with our exes online for all eternity. The various News Corp. redesigns are terrible and unnavigable. For instance there doesn’t appear to be a button to bring you from a friend’s page back to your own home page.

Our memory is hazy. Perhaps Myspace was always difficult to navigate. But the site is unusable right now. There’s no other way to put it. Whoever was in charge of that site for News Corp should never work in the field again. It’s not that Myspace is soooo yesterday. It’s that the site literally does not function. It’s going to take a whole lot more than JT coolness to fix that.