MySpace Music Restores imeem Play Lists

As promised last month, MySpace Music notified former imeem users via email that they can restore their play lists using a new import tool, which is now live, TechCrunch reported.

MySpace’s email to former imeem users, courtesy of TechCrunch:

We’re happy to share that we’ve recreated your imeem playlists on MySpace Music. We spent a lot of time and effort to make a home for your music on our platform. Beginning today, you’ll be able to access your playlists. Here’s how:

1) Access your playlist by clicking here: You will need to be logged into MySpace. Click here to login or signup for MySpace.

2) Enter your imeem e-mail address.

3) Click import and we will retrieve your playlists.

4) Upon completion, your playlists will be stored in “My Music,” our playlist management tool. All playlists can be identified by the name “import_[yourplaylistname]”

This process isn’t perfect and while we expect most of your content to have migrated from imeem to MySpace Music, we appreciate your understanding if any discrepancies between the two music catalogs affected your individual playlists.

If you have questions, please visit


The MySpace Music Team