MySpace Music Previews U2's Latest Album

If you got excited when Sydney Morning Herald reported that the full copies of U2’s latest album No Line in the Horizon have found their way to the web, you might want to stop scouring the web to find ways of obtaining it the not so legal way. MySpace is offering an alternative, by way of a streaming preview of the full tracks of the new U2 album right on its Music site. Yes folks, all the 11 tracks in their full stereo sound quality right on the MySpace Music site. I am listening to it right now as I write this post. And Eric was right, after so many years U2 is still the best. And I’m not saying this because I’m as old as Eric (or probably I am). I just love U2’s music – always have and always will.

So, if you visit the U2 page on MySpace music you will see a preview of just one track from the album, but as Eric mentioned, you can click on the album to see the full listing of each of the tracks and then listen to them as well.

And since you are already there, if you are an avid U2 fan, you might want to pre-order the new album. Too bad I can do it since MySpace Music only accepts pre-orders from users in UK and US.

Anyway, enjoy listening to U2’s new songs folks.