MySpace Mobile Launches Streaming Video

Today, MySpace announced that it will launch streaming video for mobile. The streaming video will be rolled out in beta globally. MySpace is working with Internet video and mobile infrastructure provider RipCode. MySpace mobile users will be able to view videos they’ve uploaded, including UGC, or have marked as a favorite, including premium content on branded channels, such as TMZ, National Hockey League, National Geographic, The Onion, College Humor, among others. Device support will include a number of handsets with streaming video capabilities, including BlackBerry Bold, Palm Centro, Motorola Q9, LG Voyager, Nokia N95, and Samsung Instinct. No mention in the press release as to iPhone support.

While mobile video consumption is still limited, many of the traditional hurdles to adoption are going away. These includes improvements to the user experience (better devices, faster networks), more compelling content/apps, and emerging pricing/business models (flat rate, ad support, etc.). MySpace needs to continue to enhance its mobile capabilities to serve growing demand, particularly among key early adopter segments (including iPhone users). This comes at a time when MySpace is looking to drive greater monetization in mobile (see my blog post “MySpace Co-Founder and CEO Commentary Highlights Early Stage Mobile Advertising Challenges“).