MySpace’s “Mashup with Facebook” Ports Likes to Populate Its Stream

Today, Myspace announced “Mashup with Facebook” allowing users to port their Facebook Likes to Myspace to “create a personalized stream of entertainment content.” By offering new users signing up through Facebook Connect a way to populate their stream, users are more likely to stay engaged until they can establish friendships on the network. Meanwhile, existing Myspace users can augment their stream. The integration operates under the assumption that while everyone has a Facebook profile with Likes, there is content from these publishers that is unique to Myspace.

At the end of August, Myspace began allowing users to syndicate the content they share to Facebook. One million MySpace users took advantage of the option in the first month, underscoring the interest in deeper integration between the two networks. Last December, Myspace said Facebook Connect would be heavily integrated into the social network in the coming year, and now the site has made good on its promise.

Myspace users will see a large prompt on the right side of the home page allowing them to “Connect with Facebook”. Once a user gives Myspace permission to access their Facebook profile, they’re shown a list of Likes which can be replicated as Myspace friendships with official entities similar to Pages.

After interests have been confirmed, users see a stream of updates from these entities. As well as status updates, photos, and blog posts which can also be found on Facebook, users get Myspace specific content like automatically generated playlists of songs by their favorite musicians. MySpace also begins to suggest friends, events and other preferences based on a user’s Facebook information.

Some claim that these recent integrations signal the end for Myspace, but syndicating content to Facebook is available on Twitter, and Likes can ported to a variety of Facebook Connect sites such as Amazon. Instead, the move indicates that Myspace understands its role in the social network ecosystem. Using Facebook to strengthen its core functionality as a rich content channel between celebrities fans should benefit Myspace’s users, even if at the expense of the company’s pride.

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