MySpace Live Chat Widget

LiveChat2IM is a nice service that let’s you to embed an application directly into your MySpace profile or blog to chat with others using existing IM accounts. At the moment LiveChat2IM have support for several popular IM clients like MSN, YAHOO, GoogleTalk, Jabber and AIM.

To use this live chat widget you need to log-in with your existing instant messenger account and you can chat with others now. It is pretty fast to add and start use this application – all is made to be easy and understandable for users.

Some main features of this live chat application is that you can choose to use flash widget or just a button which will call a pop-up with the chat application. This is very nice option for people which want to keep everything clean and simple in their MySpace profiles. Of course LiveChat2IM offer possibility to chat with several people at once and how I said before you can use several instant messenger accounts. For more features go here.

Live Chat Widget for MySpace

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