MySpace Launching Redesign, Downgrading Apps

Mike Arrington has posted screenshots of design changes that will be made live next Wednesday. The new screenshots show the removal of what was once a somewhat prominent “Apps” link at the top of the page. There’s no word of how effective that link was as part of the cluttered navigation but the upgrade has placed apps into a “more” dropdown box.

What are the main things that users are engaging with on MySpace? Not applications apparently. That’s not completely accurate though given that more than 5 million users have installed the “Own Your Friends!” application. Whether or not applications are being prominently featured, the site’s new design will most likely be embraced given the current mess that is MySpace.

There are also a number of other upgrades coming with the new design. One of the largest changes is 480p video will now be available and videos can be viewed in full screen mode. Back in October I wrote that MySpace was working on launching an HD service. 8 months later it is finally being launched.

The new design also includes an upgraded search tool and a much cleaner homepage even though it is still loaded with media content. It will be interesting to see if the new design has any impact on the site’s stagnant growth. Last night I wrote that Facebook had become the largest social network in the world, obtaining the spot previously owned by MySpace. Hopefully for MySpace, these new design changes can bring back some of their users.