MySpace Launching Gears for Profiles

-MySpace Logo-At Techcrunch 50, Chris DeWolfe of MySpace announced that MySpace will begin enabling users to access their profiles offline thanks to integration with Google Gears. This feature will enable users to access a history of their profiles that they’ve had on MySpace. While no thorough details were provided it sounds like a system similar to the Wayback Machine which keeps a history of the crawlable web.

MySpace previously enabled gears for their inbox and enabled users to take their inbox offline, something Facebook has yet to do. They are now extending this feature according to Chris DeWolfe. I wish I could provide more details but unfortunately this is all that he said. It definitely sounds like an interesting feature in theory given that people change their profile so frequently.

After growing up on a social network, it would be extremely useful to look back at an archived version of your personal profile. This feature also highlights how important it is for users to monitor anything they place on their profile. While DeWolfe did not say that anybody can access a user’s archived profile, this is one more step in that direction.

It will be interesting to see how this new feature is implemented. Chris DeWolfe also said that MySpace music will be launching later this month.