MySpace Launching Facebook Style Newsfeed

According to Reuters, Peter Levinshon has announced MySpace’s intent to launch a Facebook style newsfeed in the next 30 to 45 days. They will also be offering multiple profile types that differentiate among your different affiliation groups. This is what I once called the LinkedIn killer. Facebook has still failed to launch this feature and it appears that MySpace has realized the importance of such a feature.

The difference between MySpace and Facebook will soon be less apparent if MySpace can successfully launch these new features. Conversely, MySpace has a much more active user base that is younger. If MySpace can maintain that user base they may be able to keep them at their site through their college years. Otherwise, MySpace is going to slowly lose their user base as new high school and college students register for Facebook.

Do I think this feature could be the LinkedIn killer for Myspace? Theoretically, but the one thing MySpace doesn’t have is business users. Facebook on the other hand has a large number of journalists and business users that leverage the social networking site. MySpace has also announced their intent to launch their application platform. That was supposed to happen weeks ago though and users are still waiting for that to happen. I’m not quite sure if OpenSocial was one of the reasons for the delay but whatever the case is, MySpace has been hyping up their new features for month but have yet to come through on their word.

Do you think MySpace will be able to hold on to their remaining user base and prevent them from leaving for Facebook?

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