MySpace Launches Streaming Video for Mobile

Tonight MySpace is announcing the global launch of streaming video for mobile. In partnership with RipCode, a provider of video infrastructure solutions, MySpace will give access to their already insanely popular MySpace Video site. MySpace is the first social platform to launch a video streaming service but I’d guess that we’ll see other platforms follow suit very soon.

MySpace has been consistently innovating on their video offering, providing users with HD video earlier this year. The service will be rolled out on streaming-enabled mobile devices including the BlackBerry Bold, Palm Centro, Motoroal Q9, Nokia N95, and many more. While the company hasn’t highlighted any iPhone capabilities, I’d assume that they will soon follow suit with a more robust iPhone offering.

We’ve covered a number of MySpace developments recently as the company continues to expand their open platform solutions, video solutions, their advertising platform, and many other services. It’s clear that MySpace is working quickly to roll out as many new features as possible to prevent users from shifting over to Facebook.

While that trend may be inevitable, the company is working hard to retain users through constant innovation. Only recently did we begin to see frequent iterations from the company which was once known for constant downtime. Those memories are a thing of the past though and now users can look forward to accessing MySpace’s video library via their mobile devices.