MySpace Launches Karaoke

Last night MySpace launched a Karaoke feature for their site. I took a look and it’s pretty slick. Mike Arrington was highly critical of the service following a delayed launch of the service. I honestly think this as a really big potential. Considering that Fox is also the host of American Idol, I could foresee a potential integration.

Then again, most people don’t have high quality microphones, making karaoke fall slightly short of an in person audition to be on the show. One thing that would be a nice addition is some sort of multi-player with video. In the meantime it’s a pretty fun way to waste sometime especially if nobody else is around. If you want to bring in more people it’s a little more challenging but still possible.

I tried it out myself and I have to say it was pretty embarrassing to see myself sitting in front of a computer singing. One thing is for sure: I’m not going to be on American Idol anytime soon. Conversely, I’ll take anybody on if you think you can sing better than me 😉 Just post a comment with the song below and I’m sure I can record a better version. Perhaps this is the beginning of online karaoke face-offs!

Would you play karaoke online? So far there are some decent singers on the site but there also aren’t many people playing as of yet. Go check out MySpace karaoke and let me know if you want to challenge me!