MySpace joins the 2008 Election fever, finally

decision08.pngWe knew it was just a matter of time before MySpace joins the Election fever. And so finally it has launched its own portal devoted specifically for anything and everything about the ongoing U.S. election. And to make its election portal, called Decision ’08, even more interesting and (authoritative), MySpace has partnered with mother company NewsCorp. and to bring our American friends the hottest and freshest updates about the election campaign, results, tallies and what-have-yous.Decision ’08 is available not only to MySpace users in the U.S. but to the 100 million MySpace users worldwide. So even if you are not part of the electorals, it wouldn’t harm to get informed of what’s going on in the U.S. election, right?


Decision ’08 is a full-featured content rich site that would provide up-to-the-minute election coverage, news feeds and daily videos. Video contents will be composed of licensed videos from msnbc as well as user-generated video content. Decision ’08 will also feature profiles of NBC News and MSNBC anchors and reporters. So, you would get to know who are the people who will be bringing you the hottest election news.

And of course, staying true to its being a web 2.0 application, Decision ’08 will also feature RSS feeds online voter registration, interactive map with election statistics and featured videos and photos.

So, if you want to learn more about the ongoing elections in the U.S., you might want to consider monitoring MySpace’s Decision ’08 portal.