MySpace Teams with Flock, Vidoop to Push OpenID

MySpace announced its support of OpenID earlier this year, with certain hopes for its potential alongside its own Data Availability initiative. Such an integration makes sense, especially in light of Facebook’s ongoing efforts to become the central platform for online social interaction. So how can MySpace hope to stay ahead? Deeper OpenID integration.

This time, a partnership with the Flock browser and Vidoop’s authentication solution will provide a more seamless experience for cross-network applications but for a user’s browsing experience as well. Called the Identity in the Browser open source project, this is an opportunity for all three companies to push OpenID into the next realm.

In that sense, Flock’s browser plays a fairly pivotal role in this three-way partnership. It’s providing a segue for OpenID to permeate further across the web, while linking it back to MySpace, related applications, and all other sites that support OpenID as well. Through the partnership, these three companies are looking to promote better “discovery” of where OpenID sites are available to users, indicating that this is a directed effort towards making OpenID more widely adopted.

As authentication sites like Vidoop provide a number of additional services that work right alongside OpenID, I can understand why it was chosen as one of the partners. For instance, one particular Vidoop feature allows you to set up your own email address to use for OpenID authentication, greatly simplifying the use of OpenID for individual users and increasing its potential for wide-spread adoption.

The IDIB project is also quite indicative of MySpace’s potential position as a catalyst for rapid and wide-spread adoption, as it ties back to MySpace’s Data Availability. “This project perfectly complements our Data Availability efforts and we have a vested interest in seeing OpenID succeed as we are committed to making the Web a more open and social place” says Max Engel, product lead for the MySpace Data Availability Initiative.