Facebook Connect Appears as Sign-Up Option in MySpace Redesign

As part of its big new site redesign, MySpace has introduced a new Facebook integration that is supposed to let you sign up for MySpace using Facebook Connect. The feature isn’t currently working — you click on the Login with Facebook button, give MySpace extended permissions to access Facebook data, and then nothing happens. But the fact that Connect is here is the latest sign of the News Corp. company’s self-described move away from being a social network to being an entertainment site that relies on its multiple social networks to engage users.

Sources told us last fall that we should expect to see Facebook “everywhere” on MySpace this year, and until now that hadn’t really happened. There was a video application made by a partner in the UK back in January, that happened to use Connect. More significantly, MySpace began letting its users syndicate their status updates to Facebook at the end of this past August — that integration has led to 66,472 daily active users and 490,000 monthly active users as of today, according to our AppData tracking service.

The Facebook Connect option is currently  buried off the main page, within the “Sign up” page; you’ll see it on the right-hand side once you click through.

The details of what we’re seeing: Once you enter your Facebook login information and allow MySpace permission to your data anytime, your email, etc., you don’t seem to be logged into MySpace. We tried different browsers — Chrome, Firefox, Safari — to no avail. Facebook Connecting on MySpace.com logs you into Facebook, but not MySpace, and you still have to manually log into MySpace.

We’ll update this article with more details once the feature works.

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