MySpace Deploys Intrusive ‘Social’ Ad Unit

Where else would you heavily promote The Social Network, the upcoming movie that paints a not-so-flattering look at Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg? Why, MySpace, of course.

MySpace, which propelled social networking into the mainstream when Facebook was still in its infancy, is using The Social Network to roll out a new, highly intrusive ad unit on its home page Wednesday (Sept. 22). The new unit, a dynamic HD splash, “combines the reach of a takeover, the real estate of a home page skin, and the content of a microsite,” said Nada Stirratt, MySpace’s chief revenue officer.

Indeed, The Social Network looks as if it has taken control of MySpace for the day; when users log on to the site, the unit shoves down MySpace’s content to well below the fold—and it covers up the screen from left to right. Plus, within the unit—which according to sources will run buyers at least seven figures—users can view the movies trailer, check out its soundtrack and visit the official site, all without completely departing MySpace.

Stirratt said it’s unlikely that MySpace will run a  dynamic HD splash every day, but going forward it is available to brands looking to make a big impact. “It’s now part of our arsenal,” she said.