MySpace, Connect, Groupon, LivingSocial, Badoo on This Week’s List of Facebook Gainers by MAU

Badoo, the dating app, continues to top our list of growth in terms of monthly active users this week, adding more than 5.4 million users to come out with more than a total of 37.6 million — exceeding any other growing app by far. The app has been criticized by a number of other developers for using aggressive viral tactics that may violate Facebook’s platform policies; we’re checking in with Facebook about that and we’ll update when we have more.

We compile this data by way of our AppData tool. A brief rundown of the rest of the list includes several Connect app, LivingSocial and Groupon apps, as well as MySpace-related apps, sports and Causes (note that Facebook appears to be reporting more data than it has before on Connect applications).

Top Gainers This Week

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Badoo37,625,994+5,453,782+17%
2. Myspace4,073,115+3,467,142+572%
3. Photobucket4,761,218+3,414,340+254%
4. Huffington Post3,400,208+2,981,978+713%
5. Wikia2,791,859+2,712,039+3,398%
6. Ravenwood Fair8,363,133+1,365,714+20%
7. Groupon2,077,831+1,298,921+167%
8. Sanal Video5,951,901+1,267,668+27%
9. Hulu1,146,351+1,117,396+3,859%
10. Profile Banner2,099,114+1,088,212+108%
11. AddictingGames1,133,497+943,693+497%
12. Foursquare2,533,585+932,205+58%
13. Yahoo!9,975,986+840,261+9%
14. PicBadges1,830,998+737,637+67%
15. BandPage by RootMusic16,789,568+733,756+5%
16. Bleacher Report825,557+727,143+739%
17. 廣告讚!716,429+711,221+13,656%
18. LivingSocial4,702,955+700,490+18%
19. Your statistics2,175,191+683,748+46%
20. Causes25,795,843+647,001+3%

MySpace’s Facebook app rolled in second on our list this week, adding 3.4 million users to surpass a total of 4 million — that amounted to a 572% increase in MAUs. This was coupled by an increase of more than 3.4 million users and a 254% increase in MAUs for the affiliated photo hosting site Photobucket. The reason: MySpace users may now share their MySpace and Photobucket photos to Facebook quite easily.

Other Connect apps were on our list, including The Huffington Post which saw a 2.9 million gain, Wikia which counted 2.7 million MAUs, Hulu with just over 1 million, Yahoo with 840,000 and Bleacher Report, a sports website which saw growth of 727,100 MAUs in the days leading up to the Super Bowl. Groupon at number 7 with a 167% gain of 1.2 million MAUs beat out competitor LivingSocial with 700,500 new users.

There were a few foreign language apps that made the list and show some interesting growth.

Sanal Video is in Turkish, added 1.2 million MAUs, growing by 27% and topping out at almost 6 million users. The app rounds up different videos for a user to play; once a video is selected it plays and allows you to share the video to your stream. My Ad Market is an app in Chinese that did most of its growing in the past week, adding 711,200 MAUs. BandPage by RootMusic added 733,800 new users, continuing the growth we’ve seen on the musician tab app in recent months.

Finally, Causes made the list with a MAU jump of 647,000 to bring the app to 25.8 total monthly active users. Part of its recent promotions have coordinated with Valentine’s Day, urging users to donate $10 on behalf of a loved one to a favorite charity, including Egyptian and Tunisian causes.