MySpace Blackberry App Sees 400,000 Downloads in First Week

In a relatively surprising turn of events, MySpace experienced over 400,000 downloads of their application among Blackberry’s in the first week. According to MySpae this is the most downloads in the first week for both RIM and MySpace. Over 15 million messages were sent and received and over 2 million statuses and moods were updated.

Honestly, I’m extremely surprised to see such a large demand for the application by Blackberry users. Blackberry users are traditionally though of as professionals who would theoretically not be an active MySpace user base. This clearly destroyed any of the assumptions that I previously had. MySpace is clearly still the largest social network domestically and the second largest player globally.

While it’s easy to write off the company in the face of all of Facebook’s growth, being the perceived underdog may actually work to the company’s advantage. Personally, I downloaded the application but didn’t use the application actively. Then again, I don’t find much value in Facebook’s Blackberry application aside from the list of friends that the application provides. In regards to messages it simply filters the emails you receive on your mobile device.d

I’m curious to see if this trend continues. Facebook’s Blackberry application has around 2 million monthly active users, meaning that in one week MySpace has become a quarter of the size of Facebook on Blackberry. I’d imagine the growth to slow but for now, the company has posted some very impressive first week stats.