MySpace Application Invites Launch

Earlier this month MySpace officially announced that they would soon launch application invites. In under a month the invites have finally launched and today MySpace has finally provided developers documentation on how to implement the new feature. Does this mean we will soon see the degradation of the MySpace interface thank to application invite overload?

Potentially. Thankfully though, MySpace has placed all notifications in a separate area within the inbox (as illustrated below), placing them away from friend requests (as currently displayed on Facebook). Hopefully this separation will help protect the user experience while providing applications with a little extra virality. According to a number of developers, the MySpace platform has been building steam over the past couple months.

The top application though is still left at around 6 million installs in comparison to the largest applications on Facebook which have more than 95 million installs. While the Facebook platform continues to be the leading social platform, MySpace is slowly (and wisely) adding new features that help increase application growth while protecting the user experience. This contrasts Facebook who started off with all the viral channels wide open and have since been clamping down on developers.

It will be interesting to see which strategy plays off in the long-run. For now Facebook continues to have the lead but each day MySpace is moving closer to becoming a platform of equals.