MySpace Announces TheGame 08

>Are you into developing the next wave of social gaming applications? Want to attend the 2008 Tokyo game show? Well if you are a developer of games and live in China, Japan, Korea, or India (e.g. not a reader of this blog), you can have the chance to win a trip! The significant part of this announcement is how heavily MySpace is promoting their platform as a place for games.

Social gaming has emerged as a highly competitive and rapidly growing space. Just this week the Social Gaming Network announced a round of funding from Jeff Bezos’ personal venture capital company. Zynga, a competitor to SGN, also announced today the hiring of two new executives as the company continues to expand.

This is definitely shaping up to be a fast growing segment on social platforms and possibly the largest segment next to applications which simply extend existing platform functionality. I’m not sure about other user habits of social games but I tend to pick one game and stick to it. Currently my game of choice? Mouse Hunt on Facebook.

As the platforms continue to mature, I have a feeling that we will see larger players enter the social gaming space. Another area of growth? The iPhone. With the launch of applications, more people are turning to their mobile devices for simple games and thanks to location aware systems on the iPhone it is now possible to build in social functionality to these games.

Social gaming is clearly at an early stage but MySpace’s announcement today makes it clear that social gaming will continue to be one of the most significant segments on social platforms. What’s your favorite “social game” to play?