MySpace Ads Officially Launch

Last month we broke the news that MySpace was launching the MySpace advertising platform. Well tonight, three weeks after we first broke the news, they are officially announcing it. We have more details on the service this time around which MySpace has provided us with:

  • The service is officially launching tomorrow morning
  • HyperTargeting is 99% accurate as it is cross referenced with U.S. Post Office database
  • Range for MyAds is $25.00-10,000.00
  • 1100 interest categories to target individuals by
  • Since beta opened up, there has been over 3,000 new advertisers register

Now that MySpace has officially opened up the service, it will be interesting to hear advertiser feedback. Facebook has been offering a similar service with demographic and keyword targeting which makes advertising on the site highly targeted. The most significant challenge on Facebook has been attracting more significant click-thru rates.

I would write a more thorough overview of the service but I already did that a month ago. Check out the previous article for all the juicy details.

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