MyRewards on iOS updates star charts for a modern age of parenting

Image via School Stickers Ltd
Image via School Stickers Ltd

Mobile developer School Stickers Ltd looks to help parents keep track of their children’s chores in a digital way, replacing the classic paper sticker and reward chart with a digital version called MyRewards. The iOS app allows parents to assign tasks for their children, and provides a real-time look at how close kids are to earning a fun prize.

The MyRewards app allows parents to assign tasks for their children to complete, based on their everyday lives. Parents may assign children to wash the dishes, do their homework and more, and kids will earn virtual stars when parents are satisfied they’ve completed their chores.

Parents can assign rewards to certain star levels, like an extra hour playing video games, a new DVD, or a trip to see a movie, again, all based on the things appropriate for each family. Parents can add or remove rewards as they see fit, and can also create milestones, larger scale rewards that are earned after a child has completed a task that’s larger in scale.

For instance, a trip to a theme park or a new video game could be the prizes for consistently keeping one’s room clean. Parents can keep track of every child’s individual progress in separate menus, and they can reward kids with “non-task stickers” whenever they like.

The MyRewards app can be shared with all caretakers, allowing more than one person to reward stickers where appropriate. The app is now available to download as a universal app on iPhone and iPad. Check back soon to follow MyRewards on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.