MyList Incorporates Lists, Following, Notifications Into Potential Facebook Commerce Opportunities

Another developer is trying its hand at mining Facebook notifications for ecommerce and gifting: myList.

Another developer is trying its hand at mining Facebook notifications for ecommerce and gifting: myList.

Backed by Internet Capital Group and tapping into product intelligence from Channel Intelligence, the Facebook application allows users — both individual Facebook users and brands — to create, update, and share lists, which can be followed by other users of myList and Facebook.

Users following lists will receive notifications each time the lists are updated, and myList said notifications about brands’ new product offering are far more effective than hoping users see posts about those offerings in their news feeds — 100 percent reach, compared with 10 percent to 15 percent.

myList said in an email to AllFacebook:

On myList, discussions on Facebook revolve around things. The application lets users socially discover, keep, share, discuss — and buy — the things they’re passionate about in a very accessible and inviting way. When a user chooses to follow a list in myList, this creates a way for them to get new content from a page or another user 100 percent of the time via a Facebook notification. So when you make a list of “My Favorite Vacation Spots,” your friends following the list will get notified when you add a new spot. The same thing happens if a fan follows a brand’s list called “Our Newest Products.” This is a significant advantage over the 10 percent to 15 percent of the time posts reach users who have simply liked a page.

For many businesses on Facebook, driving ecommerce through that activity is the holy grail. It’s really simple and completely free if they install and manage it by themselves. It’s as easy as going to the myList fan page (, clicking on the myList tab, and selecting the “get myList for my page” link. Making lists people want to follow will encourage users to do so, after which they will receive updates any time you add to that list (all of the time, not just the few who normally see a post). With a minimum of effort, businesses large and small can start seeing a significant increase in viral sharing of their products among Facebook users. From an ecommerce aspect, shared items can forever be linked to the specific product page on the company’s website, vastly increasing the chance of a like turning into a buy.

Readers: Would you be interested in following lists like the type enabled by myList, whether from friends or brands? David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.