Howard Kurtz yesterday noted last week’s firing of St. Petersburg Times’ free-tabloid music critic Gina Vivinetto, who “blogged her way into oblivion” when she faked a malicious profile of a Florida county commissioner.

But wait, what’s this? Key in Howie’s full name and you also retrieve a MySpace profile for a “Howard,” 52, residing in Chevy Chase. It’s mostly blank, no pic, no posts, but the age and location make a suspicious fit. Last update, according to the site: April 30.

Is Kurtz cybersquatting on his good name to protect it from a future Vivinetto, or is he also the recipient of a fake profile? Surely there’s someone out there who can hack around and clue us in to this page’s provenance…

(Oh, and here’s a MySpace’r who thinks Howie’s a “hero”)

> Correction: In regards to the St. Pete Times firing, a fake profile had already been created and Vivinetto, along with 10 or so of her colleagues left comments on it. Vivinetto tells FBDC she was fired for not telling her editors who on staff created the profile mocking the commissioner, Ronda Storms.