MyGameMug – Matchmaking for Online Gamers

It has happened to anyone that has ever played an online game. You’ve had your character grieved, camped, killed, been trash talked, and so on, but there is little that you can do to absolve the problem. It’s the nature of online games and the anonymity of the internet that causes such issues to occur. People feel that since they can’t be seen and that it’s “just a game,” they can do anything they want, despite how it affects others.

Unfortunately, with the millions of online players worldwide it is a virtual impossibility (pun intended) to avoid all the jerks that infest internet gaming. However, there are now some solutions that are beginning to emerge. One such solution is a new social gaming site called MyGameMug.

As with most social gaming sites, MyGameMug provides a portal to a gaming community through the provision of games information, gaming news, reviews, event listings, etc. Nothing terribly out of the ordinary, thus begging the question: Why use this network?

There are a lot of people on the internet and a lot of different personalities. These clashes in personality is what often causes some of the grief and drama that comes along with online games. What MyGameMug provides is a bit of relief in the matchmaking process. Sure, lots of networks track buddy lists, but they do not actually provide a means of finding said “buddy.”

MyGameMug provides users with an actual matchmaking survey similar to what you might see on a dating site. Granted, the context is very different, and it isn’t meant to be a dating site (though the potential is there), but it breaks down a user’s personality and pairs them with others that have similar tastes.

The survey itself is about 40 or so questions that really get into the details of a person’s play habits and styles. In short, it asks questions that would separate, for example, the hardcore player from the casual, or the trash talker from the quiet person.

Once finished, you receive a horoscope-type analysis of your personality (i.e. “The Helping Hand”) as well as more detailed breakdown of who you are as a gamer. Furthermore, as soon as you have finished you are presented with your top three matches, whose profiles you can view immediately before you even sign up (if you so choose). From there you can see how close of a match they are to you based on a percentage score, the games they are currently playing, their network activity, and their contact information.

MyGameMug is yet another service pushing the gaming industry into a more social direction, and with the continuing growth and popularity of online games, its market size could be substantial. Sadly, even through the use of the MyGameMug network, it is impossible to eliminate all of the drama, griefers, and social problems of the online world. Nonetheless, it is a step in the right direction in at least minimizing the interaction with clashing personalities. Being able to find like-minded individuals to play with in any game is always a wonderful experience. It’s just more fun; and isn’t that what playing games is really all about?