Myers on Her Move to Glover Park

Myers_9_25.jpg Yesterday, The Glover Park Group announced that former White House press secretary to President Bill Clinton, Dee Dee Myers, had joined the firm as MD of its public affairs practice. Today, Myers spoke with PRNewser about the transition to PR, what she’s looking forward to, and what public affairs practitioners can do to prepare this election year.

Myers has experience in a number of areas in addition to political press secretary including author and analyst. She says her latest role will allow her to branch out even further.

“It’s time for me to add another dimension to my work,” she says. “People would come to me before this and ask [for] help. This opportunity brings a lot of great colleagues with a range of expertise and resources to do a lot of great work.”

Areas of particular interest to Myers are maternal health and women’s issues, clean energy, and health care. She’s also interested in financial services, an area she wasn’t able to delve into quite as much while she was at the White House.

“There was no financial crisis when I was in the White House,” Myers says, adding that even with a job at the White House on your CV, “there are always opportunities to expand.”

Myers begins her new role during an election year, a hectic time for public affairs pros. Still, Myers says there’s only so much preparation that can be done until the outcome is fully determined.

“No one knows for sure until the dust settles on Wednesday morning how that will affect clients,” she says. “It’s wise for people to understand the possible range of outcomes.”