my6sense Digital Intuition Technology Breaks Loose

Honestly, I’m pretty intrigued by this “Digital Intuition” technology the startup which calls itself as my6sense have demonstrated at the DEMO Spring 2010. It’s a new “API that lets third party developers tap into the magic of my6sense’s service to provide highly personalized content streams.”

How personalized those streams would be? So personalized that the content streams that you are going to received evolves the more you consume digital information. Through my6sense’s digital intuition technology you will be connected to content that really matters to you and will enable you to consumer those contents on your mobile phone and desktop.

The contents are ranked based on your preferences from your content streams. You determine the contents that will be delivered to you based on your actions and you can even create categories to better organize these content streams.

Now, here’s the clincher. To provide this service, you don’t need to lift a finger in setting up preferences and details. my6sense analyze your information behaviour and ranks content streams before delivering them to you. In short, the more you use my6sense’s digital intuition, the better and more personalized content that you will get.

Alright, I hope I was able to clear some ambiguities about my6sense. If you want to give it a shot, you may download the my6sense iPhone app from the Apps Store. And please share with us your experience by leaving a comment below.

Source: PRNewswire

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