my6sense Announces Chrome Browser Extension For To Help You Cut Through The Noise

Regular readers of Twittercism will know that I bang on about Twitter’s signal-to-noise ratio quite a bit. Unless you invest in optimising your Twitter network, it’s all too easy to let that clutter overwhelm you.

Help is on the way. my6sense have announced the introduction of a new Chrome Web browser extension for – cutting through the noise of millions of updates to find the most relevant items for every individual, all without leaving the homepage.

The Chrome extension adds a dedicated ‘my6sense’ tab to the navigation bar on, leveraging my6sense’s Attention API. This new release adds to the company’s product portfolio which includes dedicated applications for both iPhone and Android.

And don’t worry – it’s free.

“my6sense is the proven leader for this new world of personalized streams,” said Barak Hachamov, Founder & CEO, my6sense.”With our new Chrome browser extension for, we are bringing the best of the real-time Web to loyal Twitter users who are looking to gain even more benefit from one of the world’s most successful new services. The new my6sense for carves through the day’s updates from friends and brands like a knife, helping make an even clearer destination for instant and relevant news and social updates.”


Keeping in tradition with my6sense’s market leading products on the mobile platforms, the new my6sense for ranks items due to users’ implicit behaviour in the site, intuitively sensing the importance of each update to the stream for each user, and helping make content consumption of Twitter personal in a way never previously achieved.

The extension, scouring deep within the linked content, looking well beyond the 140 characters of the tweet, or the title of an article, rapidly learns to prioritize content thanks to many signals from the user, including tweets and links read, replied to, favorited, retweeted, and the tweets’ metadata, including source, time, relative time and many other factors – enabling fast on-boarding of users and rapid acceleration for new users to the my6sense platform.

Content viewed in the my6sense tab for also includes a deep preview of the embedded linkage within the site and  recognition of rich media. my6sense automatically recognizes and expands the overwhelming majority of top URL shorteners used on by the service’s fast growing user base.

The delivery of the world’s first natively integrated relevancy engine for Twitter eliminates users’ feeling that they are missing updates in their stream, or that Twitter updates from those they follow are off-topic and irrelevant. Meanwhile, users’ activity on enhances the service’s ability to provide them on-topic data, and the reverse – rewarding frequent users who regularly use the service.

I’ve loaded it up and had a play around, and it looks very promising. As above, the extension learns over time as you educate it with your interactions, so things should only get better. If you’re finding noise on Twitter an issue, this is definitely worth a look.