‘My Yoga Studio’ Launches For Kindle Content

While Kindle Active Content has normally been confined to video games, the category has a new release that is worthy of its name called My Yoga Studio. The new eBook from author Nickel Buddy aims to get readers active for real.

Here is more from the press release: “Nickel Buddy has launched My Yoga Studio which will guide users step-by-step through a series of poses illustrated with a picture and a text description. As you move through the routine, a timer will count down, showing you how long to hold each pose before gently transitioning to the next. Three routines – Sun Salutation, Stress Melter and Balance & Peace and 25 different poses are included.  Exercises do not require any special equipment and users can do these exercises anywhere they have floor space.   My Yoga Studio is a perfect companion for frequent travelers or home use.”

The app is only $1.99 and has 3.5 stars so far, so it might be worth a change of pace from Kindle games.