My Nexus One Battery Life Dropped Dramatically Since Upgrading to Android OS 2.2 FRF91

Something odd has happened since my Nexus One was upgraded from Android OS 2.2 FRF50 (build number) to FRF91 this past weekend: The Nexus One now has terrible battery life. Prior to the upgrade, the Nexus One was my primary voice and data phone. I charged it every evening, turned off its radio before sleeping, turned its radio after waking up to find it at 100%. This is still the case. I usually made a couple of phone calls (not a heavy voice user), browsed the web, read my email, and ran a couple of apps throughout the day. The Nexus One’s battery was typical between 65% and 75% after the work day after this moderate use activity.
Since getting my iPhone 4, the Nexus One is still my primary voice phone. However, I’ve been using the iPhone 4 to make a few calls (when signal is available) and use it for most of my email, all of my web viewing, and lots of app use. This, generally speaking, heavier use than the Nexus One got on an average day. But, the iPhone 4 is still in a testing phase for me. So, this is not unsual. What is unusual comes in looking at the battery levels for each phone at the end of the day.
Yesterday, for example, the iPhone 4 battery level was at about 53% at the end of the work day (before dinner). The Nexus One was only used to check email a couple of times. It made no phone calls, was not used to browse the web, and no apps were run. Its battery level was at 51% after extremely low use during the day. In the old days (last week), the Nexus One’s battery would have probably been closer to 80% charge after a light use day.
Has your Nexus One battery life deteriorated since upgrading to “Froyo” (Android OS 2.2 FRF91)?