My Mother Always Warned Me About Taking Advice From Strangers

I find myself writing my first review of a Facebook application: Local Picks by TripAdvisor. From this point on the application will be referred to as LPT since I have no desire to a: type that whole name out again or b: hit ctrl-V to paste in the name of the app (half my readers just scoffed at me for admitting to typing on a PC).

So, who wants to know what I think about restaurants or what dives I spend the most of my time in? Well with the LPT you can be that person! You will also gain the power to see all the restaurants I eat at neatly pointed out on a map in case you want to stake the joints out and see me eat my sad sad meals alone.

That being said you can’t take the map for face value, again I know I am never supposed to talk bad about “the Google” but it has my favorite restaurant being located by Howard University, which it is not, China Town Express is located in China Town of all places (stupid Google).

If I could complain about anything, I can and do thank you, I would like to see a photo upload or photo link function built into this app. I have taken TONS of pictures at restaurants around DC and I would love to show random strangers what I look like eating crab enchiladas at Lauriol Plaza.

I could see this app being fun if you were going to head up to a city you have never really been to and were looking to see what similar minded people thought, but I know my friends, they have horrible taste and will eat about anything. Strangers, well their advice is like dog with no tail: Sure it might look fine from the front, but without a clear indication of what he is thinking you just have to be careful.