My Mommy Can Out-Blog Your Mommy

Parenting site Babble released its annual list of the Top 50 Mom Bloggers of 2010, selected by a panel of mom bloggers and parenting experts.

The complete list is available here, including the overall top 50, as well as the following categories: the best, the most controversial, the funniest, the most confessional, the best-designed, the most useful, and the best-written.

The overall top choice was Lisa Belkin, who writes Motherlode for The New York Times.

From the introduction to the list, by the editors of Babble:

Babble’s inaugural Top 50 Mom Blogger list began by saying that “mom bloggers make a difference.” Well, it’s 2010 now, and you’d have to be under a parenting stone not to know that already. Not only do they make “a” difference, but for many moms in cities and towns and burbs nationwide, they make the difference, providing information, LOLs, “I’ve-been-there-sister” reassurance, and, perhaps more than anything, the camaraderie that helps get you through the long, breakfast-till-you-put-them-down day.

As a collective, mom bloggers have given the previously too closed, too private, too go-through-it-alone experience of motherhood a voice. And does that voice travel! From major media figures including Lisa Belkin of The New York Times blog Motherlode to ma-without-pop operations such as Bacon Is My Enemy, these virtual sisters are broadcasting their real-mom experiences loud and clear.