My Mobile Gadget Journey Through 2010

There was much about 2010 that left a lot to be desired. But, it was a very good year for gadget fans. I started out 2010 using an HTC Touch Pro2 (Windows Mobile 6.1) as my main voice phone. The iPhone 3G was my main data phone (having never upgraded to the 3GS) and I had just started re-experimenting with Android in the form of the Motorola Droid in November.

In the photo to the left, you can see the iPhone 3G & 4 in the top row. The Droid, Nexus One, HTC Touch Pro2, and HTC HD7 are left to right in the bottom row.

The Touch Pro2 was retired as my main voice phone in favor of the Nexus One after the Android OS 2.1 upgrade which finally provided a decent and usable Bluetooth stack for hands free operation. The HTC HD7 (Windows Mobile 7) replaced the Nexus One as my main voice phone in November. Apple released the iPhone 4 during the summer which replaced the aging 3G which had become a slug of a phone with the iOS 4 upgrade. The Moto Droid has become sidelined over the months. I rarely use it anymore. And, unless Verizon gets the iPhone, I’ll probably turn off my Verizon account and retire the Droid. Like the now SIM-less Nexus One, the Droid could become an iPod touch-like WiFi only email/web browsing device.

Apple’s iPad appeared in April and changed the way I worked worked. It actually replaced the Asus Eee PC T1000HA netbook running Windows 7 that had been my main mobile work device for over a year. You can see the Asus Eee PC T1000HA in the bottom of the photo to the left under the MacBook Air. An iPad and Apple Wireless (Bluetooth) keyboard was my netbook replacement combo between April and October when the redesigned MacBook Air appeared. The MacBook Air’s near instant on and resume from sleep combined with its more powerful OS X platform and accompanying apps redefined the netbook experience for me (even though Apple doesn’t consider it a netbook). And, I now find myself bouncing between the iPad and MacBook Air depending on what I need to do.

I skipped the entire Android tablet scene so far because I believe that everything released in 2010 was simple a trial run much like all the Android phones prior to the Motorola Droid were, in my opinion, beta test-like releases. I expect to jump into the Android tablet scene sometime in 2011.

2011 should be another great year for mobile devices. Apple should introduce its 5th generation iPhone. And, it might even be available through Verizon in the U.S. The 2nd generation iPad should make its way out the door too. Then, there’s the various “other” platforms from HP, Palm, and Microsoft that should find their way into various tablet-like devices. Windows Phone users are waiting for a major firmware update of some kind. And, let’s hope that Windows Phone devices with front-facing cameras and support for Bluetooth keyboards appear too. Finally, Android 3.0 based phones and tablets should appear sometime in 2011.

I wish everyone a safe and happy New Year! See you back here in 2011!

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