My Latest Obsession…

We’ve just discovered the Animal Watch column in today’s WaPo‘s Local Living magazine and it has captured our attention for more than two minutes. We’re already waiting with baited breath for what we hope will be next week’s installment.

The idea is simple…a listing of the cases handled by the Washington Humane Society.

Here are our favorites:

Fake dog: Forrester St. SW, 100 block, July 12. A Human Society officer, responding to a call about a dog in front of a home all day without shelter, found a wooden dog sculpture. The residents do not own a dog.

Pit bull adoption: The league is waiving adoption fees for all pit bulls until Labor Day. Adopters will also receive a 25 percent discount on a six-week training course. (Can’t imagine why they’re practically giving the Pit bulls away. Doesn’t he look adorable?)

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