My iPhone/iPad App Updates in the Past Week: Bumper Crop! 57 Updates

An astonishing (in my opinion) number of apps were updated in the past week: 57! These are apps that I’ve installed at one time on an iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad at one time or another. However, not all of these apps are actually on a device or in use. I normally note each app, check for any functional changes (vs. bug fixes or minor enhancments), and report my findings in this weekly update. However, because of this past week’s massive number of updates, I will only note significant app updates. Here we go! Apps preceded by an asterisk (*) are installed on my iPad.

* Fliboard 1.1 Sync with Google Reader. Browse Flickr. Post to Facebok, Twitter, or Google Reader.

* Inspire Pro 1.1 Upload paintings directly to Flickr.

* Pro Keys 2.0 Now a universal app. New instruments added.

* iBooks 1.2 Picture books available in iBookstore. Organize books & PDF files into personal Collections. Print PDF documents and notes using AirPrint.

* Movies by Flixster 4.31 iPad gained features previously only available in iPhone version: manage Netflix queue, rate/review movies. connect with Facebook to share ratings.

* Magic Piano 1.1.1 4 new holiday songs.

* Dragon Dictation 2.0.5 ONLY FOR iOS 4.x. Support for Asian characters. Ads sometimes appear.

* eWallet 7.2.0 Email backup/restore

GyroSynth 2.0 Voice recording, custom scales, saw oscillator.

Real Racing 1.25 Online multiplayer support via Game Center.