My iPhone App Updates for the Past Week: 15 Updates

15 of my iPhone apps were updated in the past week. Updates 1MB or larger are noted in parentheses. You may note that some of the apps listed were on one of my booted apps list. They are shown as updated because they were unsynced with my iPhone rather that completely removed from my iTunes app library.

1. Aji Reader PDF 2.0 New page locator view. Settings reorganized. Improved performance

2. AP Mobile 2.0.1 (1.6MB) Bug fixes

3. CameraBag 1.5.1 New “Magazine” filter. Bug fixes

4. Flower Garden 1.3 (6.7MB) Multiple seed screens to store bonus flowers. Color blind friendly water meter bar

5. Free Translator 1.0.14 Automatic source language detection

6. iHusky 3D Pet Lite 3.1 (9.6MB) Puppy toys. Reward changes. Bug fixes

7. iMazeLite 3.3 iPhone 3.0 compatibility

8. Pandora Radio 2.0.2 Bug fixes

9. Race to Witch Mountain 1.2 (35.1MB) DVD/Blu-Ray release update

10. reQall 2.0.4 (1.7MB) UI improvements

11. Rolando Lite 1.5 (26.4MB) New secret level

12. Safari Bookbag 1.6 Improved user messaging

13. TwitterFon 1.5.1 Link of user’s screen name. Search bar UI adjusted. Bug fixes

14. Yelp 2.0.2 (1.5MB) iPhone OS 3.0 compatibility. Bug fixes. Faster photo upload

15. YouNote 1.2 Landscape mode text. Webnote title same as HTML page title. Group existing notes. AudioNote for iPod touch 2nd generation. Bug fixes